Halle Berry & Patrick Wilson Face Danger in Space in Moonfall CinemaCon Footage

New footage from Roland Emmerich’s upcoming film, Moonfall, screens at CinemaCon 2021, which saw Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson face danger in space.

Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson face danger in space in new footage from Moonfall shown at CinemaCon. Moonfall is an upcoming science-fiction action thriller written and directed by Roland Emmerich. Along with Berry and Wilson, the film also stars John Bradley, Michael Pena, Donald Sutherland, and Charlie Plummer. It’s currently scheduled to premiere on February 4, 2022.

Moonfall is centered on a pair of astronauts (Berry and Wilson) and a conspiracy theorist (Bradley) as they attempt to save humanity from destruction. The film is a return to genre for Emmerich, whose other disaster movie credentials include Godzilla (1998), The Day After Tomorrow (2004), 2012 (2009), and Independence Day: Resurgence (2016). After pitting Earth against aliens, climate change, and the Mayan apocalypse, Emmerich’s latest threat is the moon itself, which is mysteriously knocked out of its orbit and sent hurtling towards Earth. Moonfall began filming back in October of 2020, which Emmerich announced via Twitter, and it now seems footage is ready to be shown off.

During CinemaCon 2021, Emmerich showcased new footage from his upcoming film, Moonfall, which features Berry and Wilson’s trouble in space. In what is apparently the opening scene of the film, the footage shows the two astronauts (Berry and Wilson) fixing a satellite and discussing the lyrics of the song “Africa,” when a “black substance” hits the spaceship and sends it spinning out of control. The scene then cuts to the surface of the moon where a tornado of sorts starts to form. View a detailed transcription of the footage below:

“Opens in space, on the Moon in the distance with the STS-126A satellite. The date is January 12, 2011. ‘Africa’ plays in the background, while two astronauts – Patrick Wilson’s Brian Harper and another astronaut – fixing the satellite. Halle Berry’s Jo Fowler is in the shuttle; she and Brian discuss the meaning of ‘Africa’s’ lyrics. Marcus says they’re like an old married couple, and Brian says Jo is his work-wife. Jo skipped her honeymoon to go to space. While Brian sings ‘Africa’, their comms cut out and a large, black substance hits the ship. They lose Marcus. Brian falls into the open space shuttle, while it starts to spin out of control. He manages to get inside, avoiding the satellite’s debris. Inside, Jo is floating unconscious. Brian tries to hail Marcus on the radio, but is unable to. He then attempts to stabilize the shuttle. The sound goes from sharp, high pitch noises inside the shuttle to silent outside. Brian whispers, ‘No, Marcus. No.’ Then looking at Jo, he says, ‘I’m going to get you home.’ Then he looks directly at the Moon. Cut to the surface of the Moon, we see a tornado forming, of sorts. Title card – Moonfall.”

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